Women’s Therapy Groups of Seattle

                Midlife Virtual Womens Group

Midlife Womens Group

 Tuesday Evening Virtual Group (meets alternate Tues)         Time: 5:15-6:40pm (75 minutes)

     ~This is an ongoing group of seven women~

     This small group offers a unique opportunity to experience the wisdom and support of other women. My groups are for women who have been – or are currently in – psychotherapy, are not in crisis, and are interested in self-growth.  

     This is an ongoing group; we add new members as members leave the group.  Women in this group are midlife or older.  

     Three virtual assessment sessions are required to assess mutual fit, gather history, and prepare the prospective member for group.  

                           (206) 547-7844

We seek not rest but transformation; we are dancing through each other as doorways.

                    -Marge Piercy

         Group offers a

 unique opportunity to experience the wisdom, support, and perspective of other women. 

     Group members tend to have good self-awareness and insight and are supportive of each other.  As members learn more about themselves, the group as a whole transforms, and members become agents of change for each other. 

     My groups are on-going; an opening for a new member happens when a current member leaves the group. 

     For many members, group becomes an important touchstone and a valued part of the week.