Women's Therapy Groups of Seattle

What does it cost to participate in group?

       Group fees are $45 per session for weekly and bi-monthly groups, and $50 for groups meeting once a month.  Members pay by cash, check or credit card in the beginning of the month.   Prospective group members are required to have one assessment session ($125) with the facilitator.  The assessment session is designed to assess mutual fit, and to provide information and preparation for group membership.  
       My groups are not designed to treat mental illness, and therefore do not meet "medical necessity" criteria in order to be covered by health insurance.  However, I am able to provide you with a form to submit to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) for reimbursement.
       These groups are designed for self-discovery and self-growth. By participating in a group outside of the mental health insurance system, you are ensured the highest level of confidentiality, and, you will not be given a mental health diagnosis.
       Your group fee is charged whether or not you attend a session.  This holds your space for you, and is similar to a membership fee.  This policy keeps groups cohesive, and membership is capped at seven members per group.