Meets Monthly one Friday a month (usually 4th Friday) |Group has one opening for two new members!

                            Women in this group are content in most areas of life but want to have better relationships                       with themselves and others.

Members benefit from each other's life experience, perspective and wisdom on a variety of life issues.  A women's group can be a wonderful touchstone, and can provide community and a place to have meaningful conversations missing elsewhere in life.  

                   Group members tend to be supportive of each other, have good self-awareness, and are curious                                                      about themselves and others.                            

                              Group details:

When does the group meet?      

     Once monthly:    usually on the 4th Friday 

Time of  session?              

     3pm-4:45pm (1 hr & 45 mim)


     $50.00 per session/month

Is anything else required?        

     Prospective members are required to have one individual assessment session with the facilitator.  

     This sessionis designed to assess mutual fit, to answer questions, and to prepare theprospective member for group participation.

     "Joining a group that meets even just once a month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income."

 Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community. Robert D. Putnam, 2000.


While the idea of group can initially be intimidating, new members usually feel more comfortable in group than they expect to.  Group can be a  powerful forum for change.

            By listening and attuning to others,                   we learn to build genuine connection that may be missing elsewhere in life.

Group provides a mirror for reflection—and helps us see who we really are in the world, as well as what might be holding us back.